Rise and Shine

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Why International Business?

I take International Business for my program at Algonquin College. So why have I decided to take this program?

It is quite simple actually. First and foremost reason is because I love not just one culture, but all the cultures. I like finding out about other country’s culture and people. By knowing about these things, it is as if I’m visiting their country myself, which is an amazing feeling. I also learn about what sort of people they are, what they like doing, how do they do stuff, and when they do stuff. Basically, I learn a lot of new and cool things. When I was in high school, 90% of my friends were international students. Why? Because I loved what they were telling me, finding out about them and their country. After realizing these feelings, that I love learning about new countries and their people, I decided to go into International Business where I can do this the best.

The other reason is that nowadays most business deal internationally. It is a lot cheaper to outsource as well. Companies are now figuring out that people who deal internationally have a lot higher success rate compared to dealing domestically. Therefore, what they require is someone who is knowledgeable about International Business, and that’s where I come in and satisfy their needs by presenting my knowledge about International Business, and hopefully helping them achieve their goals.

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Quote of the week

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – Muhammad Ali

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First Time

Just like the title says, this is the first time I am ever writing a blog. I don’t know how successful I can make this blog, but I am going to try my best and see where it goes. So although the about page will include things about me, I want to put something here that is not included there, which is the fact that I love soap operas/drama shows. This is not just a simple love, it is very big love, and the reason for this is because while watching these shows, I am able to experience all kinds of emotions such as being happy, sad, angry, jealous, admiration, and even emotions that you just can’t explain. However, these shows not only make me experience many kinds of emotions, they also teach me about other cultures, they tell me how they would react when I do a certain thing, or what kinds of actions is appropriate and what is not. Therefore I suggest to everyone to watch soap opera/drama shows, because you will learn and experience many things which you have not known before.

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